Black Jacket Symphony: Queen's 'A Night At The Opera' Featuring Marc Martel

April 30, 2021

- 8:00 PM

VBC's 3rd Rock - Outdoor Stage



Friday, April 30, 2021


The Von Braun Center (VBC) is excited to open a temporary outdoor stage - 3rd Rock - in the parking lot on Clinton Avenue.  

Tickets will be available at the VBC Box Office and online at on Friday, March 19, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

"We have been working with artists and promoters to find creative ways to bring touring shows back to Huntsville," commented VBC Assistant Director Mike Vojticek.  "We feel the outdoor concert experience provides an exciting and safe environment for both the artists and patrons."

The outdoor stage will remain setup through the summer, with additional performances being announced on later dates.  Reserved seating for the performances will be setup in Pod groupings.

"We are working with multiple artists of various music genres," Vojticek continued.  "We anticipate hosting a dozen shows over the next six months."

Playing into the space-theme of the Von Braun Center facility and the new music hall - Mars Music Hall - that opened in January 2021, the temporary outdoor stage is named 3rd Rock - a reference to Earth's location from the Sun.  The logo for 3rd Rock illustrates the two closer planets, Mercury and Venus, as eighth note music symbols. 

The VBC is estimating around 12 shows to be scheduled at 3rd Rock before the temporary venue closes.


The Black Jacket Symphony returns to Huntsville’s new outdoor stage 3rd Rock to perform Queen’s “A Night t the Opera” featuring Marc Martel, the voice behind the worldwide hit movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The show begins with the multi-platinum-selling album performed note-for-note, sound-for-sound, followed by a full set of Queen’s greatest hits. Marc Martel, who joins the band as vocalist for this epic performance, is a world-renowned singer known for his uncanny vocal likeness to Freddie Mercury.

Discovered on YouTube by Queen guitar player Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, Martel’s Queen performance videos have been viewed tens of millions of times. His voice is prominently featured in the world-wide smash biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Mixed with original masters of Freddie Mercury, Martel’s vocals were blended to create the seamless presentation that resulted in the #1 movie in the country.

“Marc Martel’s ability to sound like Freddy Mercury remains staggering” –USA Today

“Martel’s vocal resemblance to Mercury is striking” –Rolling Stone

Bohemian Rhapsody Video

More about The Black Jacket Symphony
Remember putting on an album and listening from start to finish? Relive that moment with a live concert experience unlike any other as The Black Jacket Symphony recreates a select classic album live in its entirety—note for note, sound for sound—plus a full set of greatest hits from the evening’s artist. Over the past ten years, the Black Jacket Symphony has performed over 35 classic rock albums, bringing an incredible night of entertainment to over a million music lovers across the US. The group of hand-picked musicians changes based upon the album being performed—and no sonic detail is overlooked, with the musicians doing whatever it takes to reproduce the album. It’s a full night of rock and roll magic—plus a visual experience unlike any other. Fans across the country flock to their shows—and once you see one, you won’t miss another!