November 4, 2022

- 6:00 PM

East Hall 3


Friday, November 4, 2022 
6:00-9:00 p.m.


Rising South Literacy School is a community-based group that provides unique opportunities in the areas of acting, producing, technical film and more. The work they do is edutainment--not just for fun--bringing awareness to critical issues and trying to provide solutions, using art as a healing mechanism.
*Mission Statement:  Rising South Literacy School is committed to celebrating the voice of community members, our youth, victims of violence, and community survivors. We believe a healthy self is one who has freedom of expression, especially as it pertains to injustice. We aim to address the personal and community healing process through our diversified programs and artistic avenues.

Chuck D is the leader and co-founder of the legendary rap group Public Enemy, the author of two critically acclaimed books, and a political activist, publisher, radio host, and producer.  He has been featured on and/or interviewed in over fifty documentaries on music, technology, politics, and race; he has appeared in numerous public service announcements for national peace and the Partnership for a Drug Free America.  He has also been a national spokesperson for Rock the Vote, the National Urban League, Americans for the Arts Council, and the National Alliance for African-American Athletes.

Mr. Chuck D. is coming to aid the community with conflict resolution strategies. He has a message for all, but particularly the youth who are susceptible to adverse outcomes when they engage in at-risk behaviors. Stakeholders will benefit from his message and walk away with diverse tools that will enhance their cultural competency levels.

The fact that Mr. Chuck D. is coming to the Tennessee Valley should not be taken lightly. This is a rare opportunity for our community.  Moreover, the series of events scheduled during his stay in the Tennessee Valley will be marked as a historical, cultural awakening for all involved.

In addition to the free day event designed for students, a fundraising dinner and entertainment program will take place at the Von Braun Civic Center later in the evening on November 4th. The fundraising event is to help offset the cost of the free program for students. Concerned community members should purchase tickets to the dinner and have the time of their lives! This is because the dinner/entertainment program will feature local artists, an 80's dance and dress contest, door prizes, and much more.

​Learn more and get tickets: CHUCK D in Huntsville Event | Rising South (