The 74th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference

10/4/2021, 10/5/2021, 10/6/2021, 10/7/2021, 10/8/2021


Due to the Covid19 pandemic the organizers are currently planning to provide an on-site and a virtual component of the meeting to allow members of the GEC community to present and to attend remotely. If the pandemic does not allow to hold an on-site meeting, a fully virtual conference will be realized.

The Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC -, a special meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (DAMOP), promotes ideas on the physical and chemical processes and dynamics taking place in partially ionized, collisional plasma and between the atoms, molecules, charged particles, photons, waves, and fields. The GEC has a long leadership history of presenting fundamental and basic science contributions on plasma sources, diagnostics, simulation, plasma chemistry, basic phenomena, atomic and molecular processes. In recent years, GEC has also been a leading venue for reporting on emergent areas of plasma-biotechnology, plasma medicine, multiphase plasmas, environmental applications and atmospheric-pressure plasma systems. The 2021 GEC will continue its tradition of offering a truly outstanding venue for leading research in low temperature plasma science and collision physics. From fundamental plasma research to advanced topics are expected to be discussed during GEC 2021.

The GEC encourages all students to submit applications for the Student Awards.