Mark C. Smith Concert Hall

The luxurious Mark C. Smith Concert Hall, seating 1,955 continental style, is a performing venue for everything from Broadway to ballet and symphonies to concerts. The theatre also is used as a meeting area for conferences and seminars.

The Concert Hall has dressing room accommodations for sixty performers and a double-bay loading dock accessible at stage level through a 12’ x 18’ service door. The stage has a 54’ x 48’ performing area, a hydraulic orchestra pit, a 54 line counterweight system, a full orchestra acoustical shell and complete sound and lighting systems. Two rehearsal rooms and the Green Room reception area are adjacent to the Concert Hall.


Rental Info

Rental Rates include basic lighting, heating and/or air conditioning and water as installed. With the exception of basic lighting equipment, all labor, supplies and equipment are considered additional expenses and will be charged at rates as outlined in the EQUIPMENT, SERVICES & STAFFING, and AUDIOVISUAL sheets.

Ballet Room Rental: $225 per day

Move-in / Move-out and rehearsal dates are calculated at sixty percent (60%) of the normal daily rental rates.

Insurance can be obtained by the VBC at the applicable rate.

Commercial Rental

$2,750 per day or 12% of gross ticket receipts after taxes, whichever is
greater. $3,750 flat rate for events generating revenue beyond the control of the VBC. $3,250 flat rate for
events with no traditional revenue generated.

Non-Commercial Rental

$2,250 per day or 10% of gross ticket receipts after taxes, whichever is greater. $3,750 flat rate for events generating revenue beyond the control of the VBC. $3,250 flat rate
for events with no traditional revenue generated. Non-Commercial Rental applies to qualified religious, charitable or educational organizations where no admission is charged, no fee is taken, no collection is made or no revenue is derived. Local non-profit organizations that charge admission, take fees, collections or derive revenue may qualify for the non-commercial rental.

Technical Specifications


Auditorium – Continental Seating

Capacity – 1,955

Orchestra – 1,274

Balcony – 603

Orchestra Pit – 78


Proscenium Width – 54′

Proscenium Height – 25′

Stage depth, back wall to plaster line – 48′

Apron – 6’6″ at center, arcs to 0’0″ at sides

Hydraulic Orchestra Pit – 12′ wide, Travels Down 12’3″

Stage Floor – Wood

S-R Wing – 18′

S-L Wing – 40′

Gridiron Height – 65′

Grand Curtain – Manual Operation S-R (Black Velour)

Grand Curtain Opening – 54′ wide x 25′ high

49 Scenery Battens – 70′ long, 1-3/4″Truss Battens

5 Electric Battens – 70′ long, 1-3/4″Truss Battens

Fly Rail SR – 25′ high

4 Sets of Legs & Borders (Black)
(Legs 25-1/2′ x 14-1/2′, Borders 70′ x 11′)

2 Travelers (Black)

5 Electric Pipes

1 Cyclorama – 75′ wide, white leno

70 Music Stands

Normal Mixing Location 8′ x 18′ House Right 75′ from Plaster Line

Stage Power

Road Show – SR One 3 Phase 400 amp per leg

SR Two 3 Phase 400 amp Service

One 3 Phase 200 amp Service

SL One 3 Phas 200 amp Service

Lighting System

ETC Sensor

Dimmer Rack on ACN NET3

442 2k Dimmers

DMX Console

2 Universe DMX Path

Front Lighting

2 Coves with 60 750w-1kw Fixtures

2 Box Booms with Total of 20 750w ellipsoidals

3 Lycian 1290 KLT 2kw Zenon Follow Spots

Stage Lighting

1st Electric – 20 Kliegl 1000w Fresnels plus source four par high sides

4 Sets of Border Strips

Additional Lighting Instruments Available

Sound System

Distributed array of EV 3-way and sub-bass loudspeakers, balcony satellites and under balcony fills.

Crown CTs Series power amplifiers, with network monitoring and control

Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixing console and digital snake

Shure handheld, lapel wireless, Countryman earset and Sennheiser dynamic microphones

Clear-Com 2 channel intercom and InfraRed hearing assistance

Dressing Rooms

Location – Stage Level

7 Rooms – Total Capacity of 52

All with Lighted Mirrors, Toilets and Showers

All Have Clothes Racks and A.C. Outlets

Loading Dock

20′ to Stage Door at Stage Level

Stage Door 12′ wide x 18′ high

Mechanical Aids


Risers 4′ x 8′ x 8″ or 16″

Folding and Straight Chairs

Upright and 5′, 7′, and 9′ Grand Pianos

Acoustical Orchestra Shell


Union Crew


The Mark C. Smith Concert Hall is proud to host Broadway Theatre League, Huntsville Ballet School, andHuntsville Symphony Orchestra.

700 Monroe Street
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
voice 256.533.1953
fax 256.551.2203