Green Initiatives

The Von Braun Center took a bold step in 2008 to initiate an environmental awareness program which has lead the facility in being further aware of the environment as well as being committed to support sustainable practices throughout the facility. This means increasing efforts to support energy efficiencies of mechanical and lighting equipment, improve air quality, increase water conservation, higher concentration of waste avoidance, increasing recycling streams, and engaging catering in environmentally friendly practices. Read below for a list of current “green” efforts. The Von Braun Center is excited about taking next step to a sustainable future.

Energy Conservation:

  • Replaced an inefficient heating boiler burner with a new energy efficient burner, which will save approximately 1,369,045 cuft. of natural gas consumption per year.
  • Conducted multiple steam trap surveys to detect faulty traps.
  • Repaired steam traps resulting in reducing steam loss, which will save natural gas consumption by reducing the load on the boilers.
  • Usage of a plate and frame heat exchanger which conserves energy by negating the use of large tonnage chillers at cooler outside temperatures.
  • Started a systematic program to install occupancy sensors in rooms where lighting could get left on for extended periods of time.
  • Reduced the wattage of several incandescent fixtures in the main exhibition halls, which saved approximately 56KW of lighting load and will reduce the A/C load as well.
  • Replace several outdated pieces of kitchen equipment with new energy star rated equipment including two icemakers and stoves.
  • Replaced a Kitchen electric steam boiler with a new energy efficient model saving approximately 20KW of electric power.
  • Replaced four deep fryers located in our Kitchen to a more energy efficient model resulting in a reduction of a total connected load of approximately16KW.
  • Started a systematic plan to retrofit old fluorescent fixtures, which contain the T-12 lamps and magnetic ballast to the new T-8 lamps and electronic ballast.
  • Utilize LED and compact fluorescent lighting where possible.
  • Developed an internal Energy Task Force, which will focus on energy reduction targets.
  • Install auto flush in the majority of the facility in our water conservation efforts.
  • Utilize abundant natural lighting in the Arena lobby as well as the main corridors.

Recycling Initiatives:

  • The Von Braun Center launched a comprehensive waste avoidance-recycling program in October 2008. We are currently engaged in fifteen (15) recycling streams which includes the following: plastic, mixed paper, aluminum, Ink cartridges, batteries, fluorescent and HID lamps, motor oil, paint, paint thinners, waste cooking oil, wood pallets, scrap metal, cardboard, electronic equipment, and general trash.
  • In the past three years, we have diverted approximately 1,168,434 lbs. from our local landfill.
  • All spent fluorescent lamps and HID lamps are recycled which eliminates them from ending up in the landfill.
  • Established a goal of being a “Zero Landfill Facility”.
  • Developed an employee-training program to expose staff and promote recycling both at work and at home.
  • Started a system to monitor closely all waste that leaves the facility.
  • Recycling bins for paper, plastic, and aluminum are only steps away in all office and break areas.

Food and Beverage:

  • Utilize compostable food and beverage containers that turn back into soil in approximately 45-90 days, dramatically reducing the waste stream, including
  • Reduction of individual serving size condiment packages.
  • Increase the use of water “Bubblers”, thus decreasing use of plastic water bottles.
  • Waste cooking oil is recycled and converted to biodiesel and other products.


Part of the ‘going green” initiative means purchasing environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies, which are now cost-comparable and equally effective to conventional cleaning products, by reducing the amount of chemical used, we will in turn use less water.

  • Cleaning Products: Green Seal Certified cleaning products by our housekeeping staff.
  • Paper Products: Green Seal Certified 100% recycled fiber paper products in all restrooms throughout the facility.