Technical Specifications

Floor Size:
85′ x 212′ (width can be expanded to 110′ by some deletion of side seating risers)
Concrete floor with unlimited load

Dressing Rooms:
Eight rooms within 50′-100′ from stage; ranging from 120 sq. ft. to 360 sq. ft.
Equipped with showers, mirrors and make-up lights

Stage Information:
Portable Staging: Stage Right sections 4′ x 8′; Minimum height: 52″, Maximum height: 78″; House has barricade, Nomad

Load-in Information:
No dock, ground level; 18′ wide x 18′ high load-in door; two trucks at a time for loading or unloading, can be backed to stage; sufficient truck and bus parking lot as needed.

• Ceiling is open steel truss, asymmetrical spoke configuration
• Height from floor to bottom of ceiling beam is 61’9″

1000 amp 3 phase service (600 amp disconnect, two 200 amp disconnects, two 60 amp disconnects for shore lines), location 30′ from end stage upstage right. On separate transformer, 600 amp service (400 amp disconnect, one 200 amp disconnect), location 30′ from end stage left.

Operations and Production Equipment:
• Eight Lycian 1290 XLT 2k 100′ to 450′ throw.
• Two Caterpillar forklifts, weight capacities 3,000 lbs. and 5,000 lbs.; height limits 16′ and 20′ one set of extensions
• Clearcom two channel headsets to backstage, house lights and spots
• House lights on switch rather than dimmer
• House barricade, Nomad
• Cable matting
• 16′ A-Frame ladder